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Summer 2020 internships

Game play consultant for the Earth Cipher mobile game project. 


MediaBreeze will be hiring both paid and unpaid interns for the summer 2020 term.  All interns will start out as unpaid interns. Interns who excel at the job and are able to produce high quality work will be offered paid positions.  As we are fundraising to raise funds to pay all of our staff, we cannot pay full time salaries, but paid interns will receive a stipend for their work. The size of the stipend will depend on the overall success of our fundraising efforts. 

We are an equal opportunity employer, and we seek a diverse range of interns from all backgrounds.  ALL races and ethnicities are encouraged to apply.  We also seek to have an ideal 50/50 male-to-female ratio. ALL AGES are willing to apply, provided that you meet the list criteria below. If you're 35 or 75 years old and want to provide input, you are just as welcome as a 19 or 14 year old. This game will have a diverse audience and we need inputs from several walks of life.  You do not have to mention age on the job application unless you want to. 

What will interns gain from this experience?  

Paid or unpaid, interns will study under our CEO and founder who is a seasoned technology teacher with over 10 years experience in technology education and over 20 years experience as a professional programmer. The internship is NOT a programming or development internship, but there will be optional assignments given for students who want to explore game development and/or programming. By becoming an intern, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge and insight as it relates to game development , programming, game art, and game design theory. 

What do we expect from interns? 

Interns should be genuinely interested in mobile games. Interns should have experience playing 3D mobile games or be willing to play and discover several mobile games on the market that may consider elements , themes, and aspects of gameplay that we can draw inspiration from. 

Meet virtually with the CEO and other consultants to help guide the creative game play process for the Earth Cipher game.  Ballpark 2 to 3 hours of dedicated work per week. Could be more or less. For more information about the Earth Cipher game, see the video embedded below. 

Applicants must

  • Be passionate about games

  • Be able to formulate ideas about how to make gameplay fun

  • Be dependable and have good follow through

  • Speak English fluently 

  • Be able to commit to zoom calls 

  • Have access to a decent internet connection

  • Have the creative mind to make games fun without using guns. Mild cartoon violence is ok, but guns are not allowed.

  • Have the mind of a builder, and not simply a consumer. Be able to articulate what you would like to see, and have the vision to help see it through

  • Be able to collaborate with others with maturity, even when your own personal ideas are voted down or not accepted by the group

  • Have the time and patience to commit to a trial and error process

  • Be able to manage multiple browser tabs

  • Be able to use Google docs and common online tools

  • Know their way around a computer

  • Have an email account and know how to use it

  • Be able to take screenshots and send them via email

  • Be willing to learn how to use screen capture software like Screencastify

Are you a parent or community member wanting to help? 

The biggest help we need right now is in terms of fundraising. Sharing our seed capital campaign, saying something about it on social media, and contributing are the highest impact action items right now .  We are using the funds we raise to pay our people. The most expensive human resource right now are our programmers, after that comes our 3D artists, and lastly our student interns.  With that said, any funds raised help all of our contractors and employees to have the leverage to create and produce !  Thank you for your consideration. 

You can find our fundraising campaign here for the Earth Cipher video game. Also, see the trailer above for more information. 

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